Temukan kesempatan kerja yang sesuai untuk Anda dan kembangkan diri

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Berita terbaru tentang sektor ketenagakerjaan dan disabilitas


Turning Ideas into Marketable Products and Services


The Training

In collaboration with Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) and Citi Foundation, DNetwork has successfully conducted an entrepreneurship program in 2023 called Ready to Work: Green Entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial program aimed to assist young entrepreneurs with disability to realise their business ideas into marketable products and services.


Ready to Work: Green Entrepreneurship started on the 22nd of February 2021 with 20 selected youth with disability who had diverse business ideas and came from different regencies in Bali. Participants received eight sessions of entrepreneurial training from February to May. This entrepreneurial training included an introduction to green entrepreneurship, planning for business strategy, financial planning, business implementation, and how to create a pitch deck.



The Mentorship

These 20 participants were then required to create a business proposal (individually or as a group) and compete for grant funds of as much as 2 million Rupiahs per business idea and one month of mentoring sessions to establish their businesses. In the end, 13 people from 10 business ideas could successfully launch their businesses. From the mentorship sessions, participants focused more on researching and developing their products & services, building branding and marketing strategies, and preparing their pitch decks for the market day.



Business Owners and Their Businesses

After five months of training and mentoring, the participants had successfully established their products and services. On the 14th of July 2023, 13 participants had the opportunity to showcase their businesses at the Annika Linden Centre.


Sunar Sanggita by Wiguna

Wiguna is a person with blindness and reduced function of hearing. He established Sunar Sanggita based on his interest in music. Sunar Sanggita offers music courses, a self-recording studio and entertainment for events. During the showcasing day, three people signed up for Sunar Sanggita’s music courses. Moreover, Sunar Sanggita gained some new networks for future potential events.

Wiguna and his team are presenting Sunar Sanggita to the guests.


Bali Mahasadu by Aditya and Ari

Gus Adit established Bali Mahasadu in 2018 as a massage clinic specialising in ‘blind massage therapy’. However, this year, Gus Adit finally made his dream come true to create his herbal products: herbal incense sticks, hot and aromatic massage oil, and red ginger powder. Ari, who is also a massage therapist (also recently married to Gus Adit), decided to be fully involved in Bali Mahasadu product development, from prototyping to brand development. During the showcasing day, Bali Mahasadu sold almost 100% of the products they prepared and received nearly IDR 1,500,000. Moreover, Bali Mahasadu received several invitations from the guests to get involved in a podcast and film, become speakers at a business event, and participate in product collaboration.


Gus Adit (left) and Ari (right) are posing behind their products.


Yuki Camilan by Yuki

From her enjoyment of cooking food, Yuki established a culinary business called Yuki Camilan. Yuki is a young, energetic lady with low vision who loves cooking fried Indonesian snacks. Her specialty is lumpia (spring rolls), pisang goreng (fried bananas), and tahu isi (fried tofu filled with vegetables). On the showcasing day, Yuki could earn over IDR 900,000 and invitations as an event snack vendor.


Yuki explains her snacks to the guests.


Dupa Kartika by Kartika

Because of the high demand for incense sticks for Balinese rituals, Kartika took the opportunity to create her incense stick business called Dupa Kartika. Dupa Kartika is available in three fragrances: Mawar (rose), teratai (lotus), and cempaka (magnolia). During the showcasing, Kartika sold 58 boxes of her incense sticks and received IDR 1,160,000. Moreover, Kartika also received an opportunity to collaborate with an investor to produce her incense sticks in a big batch. With support from her teachers and classmates at YPK Bali, Kartika received many online orders that should be delivered within a week. Kartika can also empower her classmates to help her market Dupa Kartika.

Kartika poses with her teacher and the head of organisation of YPK Bali


Indah Dewi Make Up by Indah

Indah is a student from Special Needs School Number 2 of Denpasar. She has a high interest in make-up and a hairdo and has been voluntarily helping her school do make-up and a hairstyle for events and graduation. Because her friends requested make-up and a hairdo, Indah turned this demand into an Indah Dewi Make-Up business. Indah received much appreciation from the guests for her beautiful techniques in applying make-up and styling hair. Although she is a person with deafness, she can communicate well with her clients.

Indah (right) showing off her makeup and hairdo she did on her model (left).

Crystal Foo Perfume by Crystal

Crystal is an energetic student and has a high interest in fragrance. Assisted by her parents, she created her perfume brand using her name, Crystal Foo Perfume.  Crystal Foo Perfume has 26 male, female, and unisex aromas packaged in 30 ml bottles. During the showcasing day, assisted by her teacher as a sign language interpreter, she sold 47 perfume bottles and obtained IDR 2,350,000 in one day. Crystal had the highest revenue on the showcasing day compared to other businesses.

Crystal and her products before the showcasing started.


Annora PAS by Prima

Prima is a youth with physical disability with plenty of creative ideas. She created Annora PAS, which focuses on a craft made from popsicle sticks, such as coasters, bookshelves, and wall decorations. Prima sold seven products of arts and received IDR 112,000. Moreover, Prima received an offer from the Women with Disability Association in Bali as a tenant during their events.

Prima explains her businesses and products to the guests.


Kopi Bayang by Gus De and Jery

Kopi Bayang became the most visited booth during the showcasing day. Initiated by Gus De and Jery, two best friends with blindness who are also fascinated with coffee, Kopi Bayang wanted to show people how baristas with blindness can brew coffee for their customers. Available in three ways of brewing: Aeropress, V60 and Vietnam drip, the Kopi Bayang team could sell their product for as much as IDR 935,000. Kopi Bayang also received several opportunities to get involved in a short film and to sell their products during several events, including an event created by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Kopi Bayang team (left to right: Jery, Mudra, Gus De, and Iwan)


Netra Bali Merchandise by Juli and Rivan

Netra Bali Merchandise (NBM) is a business that focuses on environmentally friendly fashion from their materials and the printing process. Juli and Rivan also wanted to promote Balinese culture and scenery through the images printed on their t-shirts. NBM received IDR 600,000 from their sales on the showcasing day. Moreover, they also received some orders for custom-made t-shirts for groups, organisations, and companies.


The Annika Linden Centre staff introduces Bali Netra Merchandise before NBM’s pitch deck.


TAS by Namira by Namira

Namira learnt how to use a sewing machine from her school, one of the special needs schools in Denpasar, and proceeded to make fashion products for her school project. She made bags of calico fabric for her business and added colourful drawings using a hand-print method. The guests bought as many as 40 bags, allowing TAS by Namira to receive a total revenue of IDR 1,020,000. Moreover, some guests planned to order hundreds of Namira’s products to be rebranded using their guests’ company branding.

A photo of Namira's bag

The guests are looking at TAS by Namira.



Thank you to Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) and Citi Foundation for creating an impactful program for people with disability in Bali!

Disabilitas adalah bagian dari keragaman manusia yang harus dihormati, diberdayakan dan dikembangkan. Meskipun penyandang disabilitas mungkin menghadapi berbagai tantangan unik. Namun, mereka memiliki potensi dan bakat luar biasa yang dapat berkontribusi di dunia kerja.

Menggali Potensi Talenta di kalangan Disabilitas

Penting bagi masyarakat untuk melihat lebih jauh melampaui dari sekedar hambatan yang dimiliki penyandang disabilitas,  cobalah  untuk berfokus pada bakat dan kemampuan potensial dari individu-individu ini. Setiap individu penyandang disabilitas memiliki keunikan dan kelebihan tersendiri. Sebagai masyarakat yang inklusif, kita harus menciptakan lingkungan yang mendukung untuk menggali potensi dan bakat di antara para penyandang disabilitas. 

Beberapa langkah untuk menggali potensi dan bakat dari penyandang disabilitas adalah:

Pendidikan Inklusif

Menyelenggarakan pendidikan inklusif yang memahami kebutuhan dan keunikan setiap individu, sehingga potensi dan bakatnya dapat dikembangkan sejak dini.

Dukungan Keluarga

Keluarga berperan penting dalam mengidentifikasi dan mengembangkan bakat anak dengan disabilitas. Dukungan keluarga dapat memberikan kepercayaan diri dan motivasi bagi individu tersebut.

Akses ke Program Pendidikan dan Pelatihan:

Menjamin akses individu penyandang disabilitas terhadap program pendidikan dan pelatihan yang relevan dengan minat dan bakat mereka.

Menyajikan Role Model

Memberikan panutan atau mentor yang juga memiliki disabilitas dan berhasil dalam karir mereka dapat menjadi inspirasi dan membuka wawasan baru bagi penyandang disabilitas, juga sebagai motifasi bagi mereka. 


Persiapan Dunia Kerja

Persiapan yang baik adalah kunci sukses dalam dunia kerja, terlepas dari apakah seseorang itu menyandang disabilitas atau tidak. Bagi penyandang disabilitas, persiapan yang matang akan membantu mereka mencapai kesuksesan dan kemandirian dalam dunia kerja. 

Berikut adalah beberapa langkah persiapan yang dapat dilakukan individu penyandang disabilitas untuk mempersiapkan diri menghadapi dunia kerja:

Kenali Bakat dan Minat

Mengenali dan mengidentifikasi bakat dan minat pribadi merupakan langkah awal untuk menentukan jenjang karir yang sesuai.

Pendidikan dan Pelatihan

Melanjutkan pendidikan atau mengikuti pelatihan yang relevan dengan karir yang diinginkan akan meningkatkan kompetensi dan daya saing di dunia kerja.

Pengalaman Kerja

Mengikuti magang atau menjadi relawan di bidang yang diminati akan memberikan pengalaman kerja yang berharga dan meningkatkan rasa percaya diri untuk menggeluti bidang pekerjaan tersebut. 


Baca juga: 

Cerita Kerja Fauzan, Barista di Kita Kantin, PT Klik Eat Indonesia


Kembangkan Keterampilan

Selain technical skill, soft skill seperti komunikasi, kolaborasi dan leadership skill juga penting dikuasai, untuk sukses di dunia kerja.

Akomodasi dan Dukungan

Bicaralah dengan calon pemberi kerja tentang kemungkinan akomodasi dan cari dukungan dari organisasi yang berfokus pada inklusifitas di dunia kerja.

Inklusi di Tempat Kerja

Inklusi adalah elemen kunci dalam menciptakan lingkungan kerja yang suportif dan ramah bagi penyandang disabilitas. Perusahaan dan organisasi perlu mengambil langkah nyata untuk menciptakan lingkungan kerja yang inklusif.

Setiap individu memiliki potensi luar biasa yang dapat ditemukan dan dikembangkan. Melalui pendidikan inklusif, dukungan keluarga, dan akses ke program pendidikan dan pelatihan, kita dapat membuka pintu kesempatan yang lebih luas bagi penyandang disabilitas. Persiapan yang tepat dan lingkungan kerja yang inklusif akan membantu mereka mencapai kesuksesan dan merasa dihargai di dunia kerja. Mari bersama-sama menciptakan masyarakat yang inklusif dan ramah bagi semua individu, termasuk penyandang disabilitas, agar dunia kerja dapat menjadi tempat di mana setiap talenta dihargai dan memiliki kesempatan untuk berkembang.

Untuk lebih mendukung inklusi dan kesempatan kerja bagi penyandang disabilitas, mari bergabung dengan DNetwork. DNetwork adalah jaringan khusus yang bertujuan menghubungkan penyandang disabilitas dengan perusahaan dan organisasi yang ingin atau telah menerapkan praktik inklusif. Melalui DNetwork, penyandang disabilitas dapat menemukan peluang karir yang sesuai dengan potensi dan bakatnya. 


Artikel dibuat oleh Ismail, kontributor Netra yang berkolaborasi dengan Suarise Indonesia.


Halo Sobat DNetwork

#CeritaKerja kali ini datang dari Ela Rosa Lay, seorang user tuli DNetwork. Ela sangat bersemangat ketika dirinya mendapatkan kesempatan kerja sebagai Daily Worker Laundry Staff di Courtyad by Mariott Bali Nusa Dua Resort.

Ela melamar pekerjaan tersebut melalui platform DNetwork karena dirinya mempunyai skill laundry dan pernah mengikuti training laundry di salah satu Hotel. Setelah melalui tahap interview Ela dipanggil untuk bekerja di Courtyard Resort. Ela menjelaskan jika tidak ada kesulitan yang berarti baginya dalam mengerjakan pekerjaannya karena sudah terbiasa mengerjakan pekerjaan mencuci dengan mengunakan mesin cuci dan menyetrika serta tidak mudah terpengaruh apabila sedang bekerja.

Sedangkan untuk berkomunikasi dengan atasan dan rekan kerja Ela mengunakan gestur atau komunikasi tertulis sehingga tidak ada kesulitan baginya mengartikan instruksi dari rekan kerja.

Kesempatan bekerja ini akan dimanfaatkan dengan baik oleh Ela karena dirinya selama ini sangat sulit mencari pekerjaan.

Semangat selalu ya, Ela! semoga lancar dalam bekerja!

Ket. Gambar: M Fauzan Fadhillah, user DNetwork yang bekerja sebagai Barista.

M Fauzan Fadhilah adalah seorang penyandang disabilitas fisik dan merupakan salah satu user DNetwork yang saat ini bekerja sebagai Barista di Kita Kantin,  PT. Klik Eat Indonesia di DKI Jakarta. Fauzan, biasa dia dipanggil, merasa senang telah mampu hidup mandiri karena sudah bekerja. Dengan mengikuti salah satu sosial media DNetwork, Fauzan mengakses lowongan pekerjaan sebagai Barista di Kita Kantin. Setelah melalui berbagai tes, Fauzan akhirnya diterima bekerja di PT. Klik Eat Indonesia.

Memiliki modal keterampilan menjadi Barista memudahkan Fauzan untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan pekerjaan barunya. Saat ini Fauzan sudah menjadi staf kontrak dan mampu beradaptasi dengan baik dengan lingkungan kerjanya.

“Terima kasih DNetwork sudah membantu saya mendapatkan pekerjaan. Saya harap lebih banyak lagi lowongan yang tersedia di DNetwork agar lebih banyak lagi penyandang disabilitas yang terserap ke dunia kerja”.

Ingin mendapatkan kesempatan seperti Fauzan? Terus ikuti informasi lowongan kerja dan pelatihan dari DNetwork, ya!

Salam inklusi!

perusahaan membuka lowongan untuk penyandang disabilitas.

penyandang disabilitas terserap dunia kerja.

“DNetwork sangat berguna bagi kita yang disabilitas. Buktinya saya kirim CV dan surat lamaran sehingga langsung terhubung ke tempat kerja seperti sekarang.”.

Account Payable Happy Trails

"DNetwork betul-betul membantu memberikan basic training kepada Department Head kami bagaimana berkomunikasi efektif dengan penyandang disabilitas sebelum mereka diterjunkan ke industri."

Director of Sales Dash Hotel Seminyak

We are very pleased to work with DNetwork since 2015. They support with employment efforts in the disability employment sector.

Ministry of Manpower

DNetwork adalah jawaban yang cerdas menjadi jembatan antara penerima dan pencari kerja. Dan yang paling mendukung adalah Puspadi dan DNetwork bekerjasama sangat erat.

Direktur Yayasan Puspadi Bali