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This #WorkStory comes from Gek Ayu, a Pastry Staff at Peppers Hotel Seminyak.

As one of the DNetwork users, I Gusti Ayu Ariyanthi Pratiwi, who is familiarly called Gek Ayu, a deaf person who is quite active in communicating with DNetwork regarding job vacancy information.

Periodically, Gek Ayu consults with DNetwork online or directly to the office to get information on job vacancies. Having skills in the Food and Beverages section with Pastry specifications makes Gek Ayu very interested in the Culinary and Hospitality sector.

In collaboration with Peppers Hotel Seminyak, which is currently opening up job opportunities for people with disabilities in the pastry department, DNetwork provides recommendations to Peppers Hotel regarding potential candidates for these vacancies. Next, DNetwok contacted Gek Ayu to participate in the recruitment stages until finally being accepted to work at Peppers Hotel as a Pastry Staff member in December 2023.

Thanks to her cooperation and persistence, Gek Ayu is now working and able to be independent and able to support her family as a mother with a disability.

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The 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Dharmawangsa - Instead of opening a vacancy with a predetermined position, The 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Dharmawangsa decided to do a role creation, which is to create a work position based on the ability of the candidate. This hotel puts forward the initiative in working, which is also accompanied by the ability of employees to follow the directions of the company.

After going through a rigorous work selection, The 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Dharmawangsa employed Sifa Putri Maharani (Deaf) because of her intelligence and enthusiasm. Sifa was employed as a Daily Worker in the Pastry Department. This position was made in accordance with Sifa's background in the Pastry field at the Vocational School and his internship experience in a bakery.

The opportunity to work in a job that suits his background helped Sifa apply her knowledge and develop her abilities in the Culinary Arts field. "I am grateful for the opportunity

and I hope more companies will provide opportunities for us deaf people,

Ryusei Ouchi, a blind person, practices skateboarding at a skatepark in Tokorozawa, north of Tokyo, Japan, on December 13, 2019. Ouchi was born with perfect vision. His vision then declined since the age of seven and is now almost completely blind.

Ryusei Ouchi, a blind person, practices skateboarding at a skatepark in Tokorozawa, north of Tokyo, Japan, on December 13, 2019. Ouchi was born with perfect vision. His vision then declined since the age of seven and is now almost completely blind.

Ouchi needed some time to get used to the skatepark layout. But after having a pretty good picture, he can do more tricks.

Skateboarding will appear as a new sport at the Tokyo Olympics next year, but not at the Paralympics. Ouchi also hopes someday skateboarding will also be contested at the Paralympics.

These five blind people are aware of their shortcomings. But the situation did not make them stop fighting, sharing, and educating others.

Vision does not belong to Marilyn Lievani, Lindawati Agustin Kwa, Ricky Darmawan, Eti Saragih, and Sri Melati. But the enthusiasm of these five blind people to "light the way" of people with multiple disabilities really amazes.

The five are managers and lecturers at the Dwituna Harapan Baru Education Foundation. This small school is located in a modest house painted in light blue on Jalan KL Yos Sudarso No. 84C, Neighborhood XI, Glugur City, West Medan, Medan, North Sumatra.

The school building is between a row of terraced tenements in the hallway. There is a white-framed signboard that reads the name of the foundation complete with administrative numbers and addresses, just above the door of the house, which indicates the place is an educational institution. The shoe rack box placed outside also shows many who came there.

This school specifically educates children with Multiple Disability with Visual Impairment (MDVI), those who have visual impairments accompanied by other obstacles, both hearing, intellectual, physical, emotional, and so on. In short, the students have multiple disabilities.

"So in ordinary schools or in special schools he is not accepted but in Harapan Baru we try to provide proper education for them," Marilyn said.

Habibie Afsyah with this disability has progressive muscular dystrophy. Because of this, Habibie lost his motor skills and bodily functions and thus required him to sit in a wheelchair due to the disease.

However, with all the limitations that do not make Habibie surrender to continue learning. It is proven now that Habibie has successfully earned more than 10 million per month as Internet Marketing.

Habibie studied Internet Marketing since finishing high school, and started his business in 2006. However, he never thought, this hobby of playing video games, gadgets, and computers took him to the profession he is now.

In the beginning, I was used to being a kid at home, my toys were computers, gadgets, video games. Finally I'm addicted to online games. Being happy with the internet world, finally graduating from high school I chose to explore Internet Marketing through courses, seminars on Internet Marketing "he said when met at the M Bloc Space Limited Motion Campaign, South Jakarta, Wednesday, (4/12/2019) .

When asked about his future plans, Habibie chose to live his life as he should.

"I never planned what it would be like in the future, until now I also never thought it would be like now," he replied.

In addition, Habibie Afsyah with this disability has also written a book called My Weakness Is My Strength For Success. His book tells the story of Habibie's life during his journey to success.

Habibie was also often invited as a speaker at a seminar and as a resource person. Currently, Habibie Afsyah already has a digital agency that offers marketing services for web marketing and programming, which have been running for the past 2 years.