Success Stories

Hi DNetwork friends 😊

This #WorkStory comes from Gek Ayu, a Pastry Staff at Peppers Hotel Seminyak.

As one of the DNetwork users, I Gusti Ayu Ariyanthi Pratiwi, who is familiarly called Gek Ayu, a deaf person who is quite active in communicating with DNetwork regarding job vacancy information.

Periodically, Gek Ayu consults with DNetwork online or directly to the office to get information on job vacancies. Having skills in the Food and Beverages section with Pastry specifications makes Gek Ayu very interested in the Culinary and Hospitality sector.

In collaboration with Peppers Hotel Seminyak, which is currently opening up job opportunities for people with disabilities in the pastry department, DNetwork provides recommendations to Peppers Hotel regarding potential candidates for these vacancies. Next, DNetwok contacted Gek Ayu to participate in the recruitment stages until finally being accepted to work at Peppers Hotel as a Pastry Staff member in December 2023.

Thanks to her cooperation and persistence, Gek Ayu is now working and able to be independent and able to support her family as a mother with a disability.

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