Descr: Implemented on March 16th until 18th 2022, through I Can: Work in the Digital Era, encourage disabilities job seekers to gain insights and knowledge about freelance profession and its preparation to compete in this digital era.


The "Aku Mampu" series is an educational program initiated by DNetwork Indonesia to prepare our users, job seekers with disabilities, to be able to compete in the workforce. Many things need to be prepared by the user before entering the workforce. In addition to the skills they have mastered, for example, build up their self-confidence to apply for jobs, making an attractive application letter and CV to be applied for jobs make job seekers are ready to enter the process of enter the work field. In addition to work preparation, the participants of these trainings are introduced to the profession as freelancers, by offering the services of their abilities. Participants are also given knowledge on how to create an attractive portfolio that can be offered to the potential clients. Therefore, in the Aku Mampu: Bekerja di Era Digital (I Can: Work in the Digital Era) Program, DNetwork Indonesia provides education to job seekers with disabilities about things that need to be prepared before entering the work field in this digital era so that job seekers with disabilities are ready to compete.

This event took place online from March 16th to 18th 2022, and was attended by people with disabilities from all over Indonesia. In this program, job seekers with disabilities get insight for tips and tricks for freelance work, how to arrange a job application CV to be attractive and other preparation. In these three webinar sessions, participants are selected to participate in further mentoring with Bridges for the Future - Plan International Indonesia Foundation, on job preparation training to join the online job fair in June. Hopefully through this program, disabilities job seekers can find job opportunities to support their careers in the future.

Webinar “Becoming an Inclusive MSME”

Disability employment is a mandate of the Constitution number 8 of 2016, therefore job providers should start to add insight regarding the recruitment of persons with disabilities and an inclusive work environment, to realize the mandate of the Constitution number 8 of 2016 related to workers with disabilities. In an effort to make this happen, DNetwork Indonesia launched the Aku Mampu Digital Business program in collaboration with the Clevio Coder Camp. In this program, 16 participants with disabilities participate in regular mentoring about becoming a business consultant to take part in internships at MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises). Hopefully through this program people with disabilities can improve their skills and have internship experience in MSMEs so that in the future they are ready to enter professional work. In addition, through the internship program, MSME actors will have experience in working with people with disabilities.

To provide insight to MSMEs on the recruitment of persons with disabilities and an inclusive work environment as part of the Aku Mampu Digital Business Program, DNetwork Indonesia and Clevio Coder Camp held a Webinar session on realizing MSMEs that were Inclusive. The webinar took place on February 18, 2022 and was attended by 21 MSMEs from several regions in Indonesia. In this webinar, it is explained how the initial steps that MSMEs can take in recruiting persons with disabilities and how to work with various types of persons with disabilities. At the end of the event, participants were directed to register their MSMEs for those who wish to open internship opportunities for 16 disabled participants who are currently participating in the Aku Mampu Digital Business program. Thus, in addition to gaining insight through webinars, participants of the Inclusive MSME Webinar can also work directly with persons with disabilities.

Dian Parwati Ningsih, a Deaf Friend, who is currently participating in the SAMA internship program from the collaboration between DNetwork Indonesia and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), is happy to undergo the internship process at Hotel Indigo Seminyak, Bali. This internship is Dian Parwati Ningsih's first experience in participating in a job interview and made it an inspiration for her future when she looks for work. The communication barrier with her colleagues that she experienced when she first entered work did not become a problem in her internship process as a Culinary Staff at Hotel Indigo Seminyak, Bali. Dian felt this awkward feeling only a few days after learning to interact with colleagues through communication using short writing on paper or cellphones.

Since starting her internship in November now, Dian has felt quite comfortable doing her job as a Culinary Staff at Hotel Indigo Seminyak, Bali, even Dian's colleagues are very open in guiding and also adjusting to communicating with her as a disabled worker at Hotel Indigo.

Dian's current internship program is such a good experience for her for work preparation when Dian completes her final year of education at SLB Negeri 2 Denpasar.

Thank you DNetwork Indonesiafor facilitating Dian started from the work preparation workshop stage to the current internship stage, this program is very helpful in enriching her insight and experience in the workplace, especially in the Hospitality department 😊