In picture: Screenshot of one of the English program sessions initiated by DNetwork, in collaboration with After School English.


It is undeniable that currently, English proficiency is one of the most influential factors in getting a decent job. Many companies now do job interviews in English, and even make certain English test scores a requirement for applying for jobs. Therefore, DNetwork – Jaringan Kerja Disabilitas, feel the need to equip job seekers with disabilities with proficient English language skills so that their competence in the job market increases.

With the generous support of the Inspirasia Foundation and the Direct Aid Program initiated by the Australian Consulate General in Bali, DNetwork started intensive English language training for 40 selected participants with disabilities. In fact, this activity was very well received by the disability community and the applicants reached more than 100 people from all over Indonesia. To ensure the effectiveness of learning, participants were screened through a pre-test and grouped according to their disabilities so that they can get the accommodations they need and the way of delivering teaching materials that suit them best. The teachers who are part of the After School English institution, are experienced teachers who are good at adjusting teaching methods and making the learning process fun.

One of the Deaf participants, Josephine Kintan, stated that she was very happy to be selected to join this English program. "This is a great opportunity. Especially with the accommodation in the form of a Sign Language Interpreter in each class. Thank you, DNetwork," she explained. We really hope that after the 16 sessions of this English program, all participants will have improved English skills and more confident when communicating in English.

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