Do you know? One of the things that makes it difficult for someone to find a job is because the skills a person possesses do not match those needed by the world of work. Likewise for those who have a business, one of the things that makes a business is because of the lack of suitable skills needed to raise a business. So, to help friends build their careers and businesses more smoothly, DNetwork created a new program called "Aku Mampu"

DNetwork held its first Jobseekers Gathering event of the year on Thursday (12/3) in collaboration with Lokajaya Group. The participants consisted of 20 blind persons from across Bali who were keen to learn about public speaking, professions related to it, and everything about podcast production and marketing.

DNetwork’s favorite part of the event was when the participants worked in groups to simulate a radio station or podcast recording. Everyone showed their enthusiasm and creativity while learning so much from each other. It turned out that a couple of the participants had already started their own podcast. One of these participants is Dede. His podcast, which already has three episodes, is called Bali Blind Podcast and can be heard on Spotify.
"On the Bali Blind Podcast, I share information about disability-related matters, especially for the blind; from technology to other more casual stuff. Hopefully, the listeners find the podcast to be useful. I also hope more collaboration can be done in the next episodes," said Dede